Lady Gaga Reinvents Music Video in HD

When MTV launched in 1981, the first video it played was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by Buggles. With the song’s tinny electronic vocals and Buggle’s robot-from-the-future fashion sense, the video was an apt choice to usher in an era that would be defined by music videos.

Before MTV, the video was an afterthought, often comprised of live footage or performance-style. Soon, artists like Madonna and Michael Jackson would largely base their careers on their over-the-top interpretations of the genre. Some productions featured narrative plots that could balloon the 3-minute songs into 15-minute affairs, complete with stiff acting by the musicians themselves.

As expectations rose, so did budgets. A number of videos broke the $1 million dollar mark. This trend culminated in the video for “Scream,” the 1995 duet between Janet and Michael Jackson. The video for the song was reported to cost $7,000,000 dollars to produce. Let’s hope the record sold well.

But if video killed the radio star, then what killed the video star?

Perhaps it all started when MTV stopped playing music videos, instead filling up its flagship station’s schedule with reality shows and original series. Music videos were relegated to playing on secondary franchises deep into the 100s on satellite TV channels.

Or perhaps it was the Internet, which gets blamed for a lot these days. America’s youth stopped caring about mega stars and their fancy budgets, and instead can access music whenever they choose, often for free. They don’t need to wait around for the premier of the new Lil Wayne video to hear her new single – they’ve already downloaded it for free.

Regardless, by the late 2000s, the music video was all but forgotten as a genre. Only a handful of stars even bothered to make them. Even fewer made any splash.

But then came Lady Gaga. Only a few years ago, Gaga was Stefani Germanotta, a nice Italian-American girl trying to make it as a pop singer. Now she’s the biggest international superstar there is.

A lot of this can be attributed to her catchy songs and her outrageous anti-fashion sense. But something must be said for her ability to embrace being a pop star. She’s no Kelly Clarkson or Taylor Swift, trying to prove how the Midwestern youth can relate to her. Gaga is purposefully jagged and bizarre, saying outlandish things to the press and dressing like a drag queen, rendering the extreme femininity she protects utterly absurd.

Gaga has also mad the music video cool again. You no longer have to rely on your satellite TV package to find music stars on television. Gaga and her videos are everywhere. “Bad Romance” has more than 222 million hits on YouTube, where you can even find a high definition version. The video for “Telephone,” her duet with Beyonce, was so controversial that rumors began to circulate that MTV had banned the video – a covert seal of coolness that the network hadn’t bothered to bestow in years.

Suddenly, kids are turning on their high definition televisions again to watch, and dance to, actual music. How long will this renaissance last? You have to ask Gaga.

How To Make Music Video Albums – Tips For The Beginners

How To Make Music Video Albums – Tips For The Beginners
The music video albums are considered to be a pinnacle of a way in order to be prominent in the industry of music. It doesn’t matter that whether they were on or MTV nowadays, the thing that matters is that they have been a portal to glory as well as fame. It is a fact that a song won’t be that much eye catching that it attracts the viewers but the music video albums of the songs can attract and persuade the listeners to like the band. So this makes it way too clear that music is nothing without music video albums. When you make a music video then this means you are going to set an opportunity in order to get tons of fans. But the very first question on the maker of the video or the music band is what will make the music video a good one.
If you have watched some of the music videos then you must have noticed one thing that not a single video is without a theme. There are different themes for all of the music videos as it would be according to the music such as it can be humor or else it can be creepy feeling. Or else it can be a more specific theme for example the theme of breaking up. It is true that among all of the videos, the 90 percent of them may definitely have a theme in order to make them eye catching and interesting to attract majority. The remaining ones would be without any of the themes just playing the random clips or doing random acts in the background.
It is true that the videos which are remembered by the majority are the ones that have a purpose. So this simply indicates that the first step to make your music video attracting you needs to have some sort of plot line. What you are required to do is. Take a piece of paper, divide it in 9 boxes. Then turn by turn make scenes in these 9 boxes that come into your mind. If all these scenes together make any sense to you, then it’s time to move to the second step.
The next step that is required to be fulfilled in order to make a perfect music video is the need to have a good camera. This is because no one wants to watch a video which is made from your phone. So in order to have a clear and attracting video you need to have a professional camera.
Now you have your plotline, you are done with deciding your music and you are ready with the camera in order to make the video. Now what you require to have is someone who is able to play the guitar solo along with the simple drum beat plus simple bass riff. So this way you do not need to record the drummer. It all depends on the music and the theme you have selected.
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Your Music Videos on YouTube

What most individuals look for in shows and presentations is the so-called “entertainment factor.” Interestingly, a very simple talent may turn out to be quite awesome and really amusing. It all depends on how it is performed. You can see this quite clearly when you watch videos on the YouTube.

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Aside from funny videos, numerous music videos are being posted on YouTube every day. In fact, many are a combination of comedy and music, which appeals more to the billions of YouTube viewers.

There are many ways to show off one’s musical talent or skill to the world. You just need to record yourself in a video as you sing your own version of a popular song, or you may even lip sync the way comedy bar actors and actresses do. You can impress others with your skills in playing musical instruments, and it will be good to include something new to each talent you show. You may even create a new rendition of an artist’s music video – can be done in a hilarious or overly dramatic way, of course that will depend on your personality. Just keep in mind that it’s always good to be yourself, not to display something out of character. But anyway, if you like to do exaggerations, there’s no limit to the kind or quality of the music video you may upload as long as you enjoy whatever you’re doing and the “entertainment factor” is really there.

So what can you get from uploading your own music videos on YouTube? Obviously, you get an opportunity to be popular. Who knows somebody will discover your talent through YouTube and off you will go to international limelight! You may also get the chance of making money if you get viewed by lots of people. Sounds pretty interesting, right? If you just want to show off what you got, that’s perfectly fine. Or maybe just by reading comments from old friends, or having new acquaintances remark on your performance will energize you.

Video Production

Video production has actually changed the method we see the world. It allows us to see and recognize exactly what is existing without having the tediousness of reviewing small print text. Without the presence of a video, it is a lot more challenging to grasp exactly what is at hand and exactly what is implied to be conveyed with the piece. It was reported that over 700 billion videos have been seen on YouTube this year alone proving that video production has such an unparalleled impact on the general public.
YouTube receives over 3 billion hits per day whether it is through “ways to” video clips, gag video recordings, or through new music video clips, the details is streaming right to the individual without any sort of buffering or ramifications. The individual is able to see the item in a more imaginative method that improves its sales and acknowledgment. With its availability and uniformity, video recordings produce the capability to generate point of views, brand recognition, and instill a working relationship with the consumer.
Video production business connect the consumers with just what they desire to see without the fluff and clutter of the words. Internet video presentations are directing them right to the application of the post which is eventually exactly what they prefer. The customers’ requires the details now similar to every other individual. Websites that carry out internet videos instantly attract the crowd improving their experience with the page which enhances the site’s search engine position. It keeps their interest stimulated and juices flowing.
Through the internet videos the details is transmitted rapidly and efficiently, the website is navigated more efficient, expertise about the business is supplied, and it creates appeal among the cohorts. In such instances with video production companies, they exist numerous video clips featuring their skill and understanding about the subject. It gives the customer an opportunity to see the abilities of a video production company and exactly what they have to provide. That is just what the viewer wishes to see. Expertise about the business is right away presented along with a myriad of video clips that display the business’s experience in video production.
Video production has the capability to connect to additional social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn among numerous other social media platforms. This function that develops a hookup to a higher base of individuals in due course creating a snowball effect that will certainly raise the companies look engine optimization (SEO). The association of the video with the company will produce a remembrance and a much better feel of the company because of the video. It permits the customer to also participate in exactly what the business is providing through their video. The customers can post comments about the video, can easily share the video with their buddies and household, and can rate whether they like the video or not. They can easily be a part of exactly what is going on and just what kind of traffic is being generated. This kind of communication sets up a base between the company and potential customer. Despite these functions, the video is still be watched by those who see the site.
The web has become a requirement to the individual population. The public spends hours upon hours surfing along with searching the web for medical assistance, humor, pals, news, or whatever they please. It has actually become the major source of consumption. Without the web, products would certainly not be eaten, companies would not be understood, and the individuals would certainly be at a loss. There would certainly not be a channel to produce info.

Download Music Videos Online the Right Way

It is very easy to download music videos online [] as long as you know the tools that you are going to use. With the evolution of the internet and the entertainment industry, these things are already very common but it is very surprising to note that there are still several people who do not know about it. Fortunately, with the help of the internet and the right tools, everything can be much easier.

Whenever you download music videos online, it is very important that you have a hardware piece where you are going to store the files. For several people, they just prefer to save them in their personal computers but there are also those who want to store them in their favorite multimedia players.

It is also very important that you check for the format every time you download music videos online. This is necessary because you have to make sure that the format is compatible with the players. If not, then you are just wasting your time because they will not be able to play it for you.

However, if you notice that the formats are not compatible, then there is a need for you to get a format converter software piece so that you can easily convert them into a recognizable one.

There is also a need for you to pick the right website if you want to successfully accomplish you task. There are several websites out there that offer these kinds of services but only few of them can be considered to be truly effective.

One of the most common portals that you might want to use is YouTube. Streaming sites such as this are very effective because they are very convenient. You will just have to type the right keywords and you can instantly get what you want. However, there is a need for you to be patient here because there are some instances when the quality is very poor and the speed is rather slow.

Furthermore, if you are going to download music videos online for these sites, you still need to install a special software piece so that you will be able to do so. There are several kinds of these but most of them are very effective.

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